//////// Nipplepeople

Panic (Frka) in St. John (Sv. Ivan)! The Croatian electro pop couple Nipplepeople will give their first show under one of four church rowers of Rab. They started in 2008 and are recognized mostly by the hit Sutra (Tomorrow) from 2010. Since then they produced many more hits but Nipplepeople is still the best hidden musical secret of Croatia. The couple still prefers anonymity as they did from the very start. In concerts and sparse interviews they wear facemasks as they are likely to do in Rab. Their electro pop sound is appreciated throughout the region and they maintain their fame by issuing one song a year. Their cover of Frka (Panic) by RAFF distinguished guest Zdenka Kovačiček triggered the revival of her career two years ago. The same is expected from their new single Disco epileptik, released just before summer of 2019. Nipplepeople are performing at RAFF on August 26, 2019.