Project Description

Everyone has their own truth, which one will you believe? – the logline of the debut feature film directed by Nina Violić, as if it was written as a copyright for one of the editions of RAFF (it’s not impossible, with her permission, that we might steal it from her one day!). And in this sense, a kind of finale of the wonderful summer distribution film story of her film ends on Rab. And there is some logic in that. Nina Violić was last year’s RAFF jury member. Who immediately became a great friend and promoter of our Festival. That last year’s edition was also the moment when the screening of her film at this year’s RAFF was arranged.

In truth, none of us (except maybe Nina Violić herself and her film crew) could have predicted the success of her film. Premiere and immediate award in Split, great reactions from both the audience and film critics. A kind of all-Croatian tour, from Vukovar to Pula. All of this keeps us convinced that more tickets will be requested at RAFF for the screening of the film “Kick and Scream”. In which Nina plays one of the main roles, along with the excellent Goran Bogdan and her great director’s discovery – today’s 11-year-old debutant from Zagreb, Bruno Frketić Bajić, and Lea Delong, an American-French actress, who did a great job acting in the Croatian language as well.

We can only wish Nina and her film crew a nice rap screening, which will be followed by another surprise at RAFF. Which, after all previous screenings of this film in this combination, will take place only on Rab.