Project Description

This year’s RAFF – Rab Film Festival, opens with the Palme d’Or award-winning film “Decision to Leave”, directed by Park Chan-wook. Screening is set for August 19th at 20:45 at the Summer Cinema. This film is described by the respected Variety in the following words: ”Following the worldwide success of Bong Joon-ho’s “Parasite” and the small-screen dominance of “Squid Game,” your new, sublimely realized Korean thriller obsession is here, and its “Decision to Leave” Park Chan-wook.
Decision to Leave begins with Detective Hae-joon’s investigation into the death of a man who fell from the top of a mountain. When he meets Seo-rae, the deceased’s wife, he simultaneously begins to doubt her innocence but also feels attracted to her. Amidst the mounting tension of the criminal investigation, the film delicately captures the emotions of two characters who feel a special curiosity and unexpected affinity for each other, providing an intriguing mix of suspense and romance. In particular, Seo-rae’s unreadable words and actions make her alluring but difficult to understand, not only for Hae-joon but also for the viewer, raising the dramatic tension. As the plot of the story moves from the mountains to the sea, while their developing relationship is torn apart by suspicion and attraction, and the investigation slowly reveals more and more details about the past – the complexity and subtlety of the emotions that connect these two characters will leave an unforgettable impression on the viewers. With its genre mix of police investigation and romance, its intriguing characters, its moments of unexpected humour, its mise-en-scène and the strong direction of PARK Chan-wook, the film Decision to Leave makes it one of the most original films of 2022.

We believe that you will enjoy this film, which the aforementioned Variety magazine points out is a “masterful, dazzling love story shrouded in the mystery of a fiendish murder”, and step into this year’s edition of RAFF equally intrigued.