Project Description

Massimo returns to the Island of Happiness, where he will conclude the third day of the Rab Film Festival with a big concert on Rab’s Nova Riva on Sunday, August 21. Massimo will brighten up a beautiful Sunday evening on the stage by the sea with his timeless hits for all generations.

At the concert, we will all whistle the melody of one of Massimo’s biggest hits – Mali krug velikih ljudi.

Speaking about the inspiration for that song, Massimo said: “If I don’t instinctively feel someone as a good vibration, then I don’t even enter into any experiments with a good person. I used to not listen to that instinct of mine. But I’ve been listening to it for a long time, it serves me very well and it saves me from various conflicts and friendship breaks. So I’m very happy with a small circle, but great people surrounding me.’

One of the best male vocalists in this area is coming to Rab in the year in which he is preparing a big „concert of his career“ in the Zagreb Arena in November, so it goes without saying that this concert is not to be missed.

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