Project Description

They say that every misfortune can bring something good. The epidemic, the lockdown, the cancellation of all performing arts, festivals… when it comes to film it has brought one positive consequence. A break in which, with the distribution of many great movie titles, we waited for better times for the ritual of going to the cinema. And it was precisely this break that brought the possibility

of so many different and at the same time great films – either feature films or documentaries. This is precisely why the job of RAFF selector, film critic Vladan Petković was not easy at all. It was a real challenge to bring 13 films that are best of the best selection in the constellation of two-year film production to Rab audience, which in the last three years has proven to be an audience with refined tastes.

But that’s why we can proudly announce that we have received great titles both from Croatia and the region, and from all over the world. This year, therefore, we are traveling on a film boat from Europe to Asia, the Middle East, we are going to the East, we are going around the continents. Along the way, we will explore, rejoice, be worried, sympathize, maybe even grieve. But above all, with those movie heroes of our everyday life – to believe. That you can look that truth in the eyes, or in its eye. Under the stars in the middle of that Rab city stone cinema, a beautiful winter cinema and finally from the barges, kaicha, boats to greet the film until our new meeting.

One title at a time, one text at a time, with the desire to give you enough reasons to have a stack of all 12 cards in your pocket by the time this year’s RAFF opens. On the 13th, as every year, we give you a gift from the bottom of our hearts.