Project Description

After two years marked by the COVID pandemic and two completely different editions of RAFF, in which the most important thing was to persevere and bring the Rab audience, despite everything, a film festival that they personally supported, the Rab Film Festival is returning to its original format! 5 days, 12 films in competition (6 documentaries, 6 fiction) and the 13th film with which we close the Festival in the cinema on the Seaplex Kaich RAFF barges. But this, let’s hope, is the first of many future festivals without epidemiological measures, and it should be the edition of RAFF in which a step has been taken. Expanding its program as well as the locations of festival events. An additional day – a “reprise” RAFF in which we show the winners of the Festival for those who were not able to see those three films – is the first novelty of this year’s Festival.

Two new locations dedicated to music, innovative and direct approach in the way we communicate with the audience, which can expect conversations with Festival guests in the immediate atmosphere of the romantic Pjaceta, are just some of the additional innovations brought by the upcoming edition of RAFF. In addition to all that, this year we are bringing the audience a new preliminary program, which we believe will become a new RAFF tradition.

Precisely the contact with the audience, the desire to offer them the highest quality film, music and additional program is the motto of this year’s preparations for the new edition of our/your Festival. The desire to socialize, which we were denied for two years, also created a more creative approach to the program. First, in this way, we would also like to thank the Rab audience for their support, for coming to all our previous programs, regardless of the circumstances in which they took place. Hoping this year for new film experiences, conversations, socializing, musical pleasures, the atmosphere we have been building since the first edition of RAFF.

To be more accessible to our viewers in terms of information, we are going down to the lower part of the city with our new info points. We will greet you soon with a Periscope, a sort of “mascot” of RAFF that was well received last year. In a very direct and rhythmic way, right next to you. With the wish that we all “look the truth in the eye!”. So, see you soon at the new RAFF!