Project Description

Stitches explores the theme of disappearing newborns from hospitals in Belgrade who were pronounced dead but were actually, according to hundreds of accounts, sold for adoption.

The film’s script is inspired by the testimonial of one mother, who believes her child was kidnapped. After years spent with local authorities and in courts trying to prove her suspicions, she believes that she finally, after searching and fighting for two decades, found her missing son – a 20 year-old man, living with his new family near Belgrade.

Aug 24, 18,30 – Zimsko kino

  • Original title: „Šavovi“
  • Country of origin: Serbia / 2019
  • Length: 105 minutes
  • Director: Miroslav Terzić
  • Screenplay: Elma Tataragić
  • DOP: Damjan Radovanović
  • Editing: Milena Z. Petrović
  • Cast: Snežana Bogdanović, Marko Baćović, Jovana Stojiljković
  • Producers: Milena Garfield, Uliks Fehmiu, Ljiljana Đuričko, Amkra Bakšić Čamo, Adis Đapo, Zdenka Gold, Uroš Lazić
  • Production company: West End Production

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