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HBO ADRIA presents its hit miniseries Chernobyl at the Rab Film Festival. This special screening event will take place on 24 August at 5 pm at the Winter Cinema, where first two episodes of the show will be screened. Admission is free.

Stellan Skarsgård, one of the stars of the series Chernobyl, will join the Rab Film Festival via video-link the next day. We will talk to Stellan about his work on the series as well as his successful career (more on Stellan see bellow).

The talk will be held on 25 August at 5 pm at the Winter Cinema.

The five-part HBO miniseries Chernobyl dramatises the story of the 1986 nuclear accident, one of the worst man-made catastrophes in history – and of the sacrifices made to save Europe from unimaginable disaster. On 26 April 1986, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine, Soviet Union suffered a massive explosion that released radioactive material across Belarus, Russia and Ukraine and as far as Scandinavia and western Europe. Jared Harris portrays Valery Legasov, a leading Soviet nuclear physicist. As part of the response team, he was one of the first to grasp the scope of the unparalleled disaster that occurred. Stellan Skarsgård plays Soviet Deputy Prime Minister Boris Shcherbina, who is assigned by the Kremlin to lead the government commission on Chernobyl in the hours immediately following the accident. Emily Watson portrays Ulana Khomyuk, a Soviet nuclear physicist committed to solving the mystery of what led to the Chernobyl disaster.


Stellan Skarsgård is a Swedish actor, best known for his roles in films such as Good Will Hunting, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mamma Mia!, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Thor, The Avengers and others.

He was born in Sweden in 1951, where he was already a star in his teenage years playing a role in a TV series. Afterwards, he was employed at the Royal Drama Theatre in Stockholm and was at the same time developing his career on film. But it was when he started acting in American films that he became world-famous. His latest role is in the miniseries Chernobyl, which is one of HBO’s most successful projects in this year.