The second edition of the research film festival – Rab Film Festival – RAFF 2020 will be held on Saturday, August 22, starting at 8 pm, in the bay of I. PADOVA, in the town of Rab.

This year is the most challenging for many film festivals so far. Some had to postpone their maintenance for another part of the year, some partially and/or completely switched to online editions, and some adapted their performance to the current situation caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

Rab Film Festival ended its last year’s edition with a screening and announcement of the winners in the sea bay, where the audience watched movies from boats. An entirely different cinema experience! So this year it was decided, following the recommended epidemiological measures, to provide a loyal audience with this unforgettable “kaich cinema experience”! A special experience of sea cinema – RAFF SEAPLEX KAICH – is a step forward in the tourist and cinema offer of the city of Rab, on the Adriatic, but also in Croatia.

On August 22, we will watch the feature film “Mater” and the documentary “Open Sea”.

“Mother”; about the film:
“After so many tyrannical patriarchs, this is the turn of a tyrannical matriarch – completely in the Mediterranean tradition …” (Jurica Pavičić, Jutarnji list)

“Open Sea”; about the film:
Investigative journalist Matt Blomberg joins forces with marine activist Paul Ferber in a tense environmental documentary. Fishing areas in Cambodia, once rich in fish, have become the target of dangerous poachers. In an attempt to save the maritime good and the lives of countless Cambodians, Blomberg and Ferber face danger and personal risk in the fight against criminal fishing…

The organizers, with the great help of sponsors and patrons, have ensured the screenings for the RAFF 2020 audience for free!