The 3rd Rab Film Festival program will last for three days and be held on August 20th – 22nd.

RAFF 2021 program was presented by Festival director Robert Tomić Zuber, as well as other collaborators: the head of Croatian audiovisual centre HAVC Chris Marcich, the Mayor of Rab Nikola Grgurić and the head of Pučko otvoreno učilište Rab Katarina Ribarić.

Ms. Ribarić said it was a great pleasure to have the possibility to organize RAFF amidst corona virus crisis. The Festival iw most warmly welcomed by the citizens of Rab and their guests.

In order to minimize the health risks, festival will last shorter than desired  – 3 day, and there will be fewer films on program – 6 in competition, and an extra one out of competition. But the most important thing is that it will be held, maintaining the high quality of film programs and other events as well.

RAFF 2021. brings the excellent feature film “Murina”, directed by Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović, the winner of Camera d’Or award in Cannes film festival, as well The Breza award for the best débutante and Golden gate of Pula Audience award at Pula film festival.

Also, audiences will be presented with documentary “The Wire”, directed by Tiha Gudac, as well as “The Cartel project”, a documentary about deadly risks investigative reporters take while doing their jobs.

Serbian feature film “Loan Shark”, directed by Nemanja Ćeranić, is already proclaimed by critics as modern Serbian film noire,

RAFF will be closed by “Riders of Justice”, directed by Anders Thomas Jensen, with Mads Mikkelsen in the lead role of a father and a husband seeking justice for his late wife. This last film will be screened in alredy traditional SEAPLEX KAICH program, our boat cinema, at Padova I. Bay.

An important part of RAFF is our education RAFF Generation program, gathering industry professionals and students. This year we are proud to present lectures and talks by Rajko Grlić, Zoran Predin, Ivica Đikić, Siniša Juričić, Vanja Černjul, Marjan Alčevski…

Music program RAFF BEAT is small in numbers but great in experience: regional music legend Zoran Predin is going to take the audience to most extraordinary romantic musical experience. Also, a bit different but still utterly romantic music event is going to be Nina Flamenca concert on the opening night.

RAFF Gastro is taking a look into history, with help of Italian author Giovanni Vale, who investigated the culinary heritage of the old Venice Republic along the Dalmatian coastline. The program “Made in Italy” is supported by Italian-Croatian commercial chamber and Mocira society of Rab.

In cooperation with Croatian Public Health institute and its branch in Primorsko Goranska county, RAFF 2021. is COVID FREE zone. Therefore, all the parties involved in this edition of RAFF will either have to provide Covid passes, certificates of immunity or recent negative PCR test results. The free rapid antigen testing will be provided at festival locations.

Chris Marcich thanked the Town of Rab on all the support in order to have the RAFF organized this year.

“We are going ahead with the third edition of the festival, and I am sure that it will be excellent, in spite all of the measures, restriction and shorter duration. I am extremely happy that “Murina” will be screened, as one of the most successful Croatian films. We have to work on bringing Croatian films to audiences, which is something Robert does at RAFF. I personally am a great RAFF supporter, and HAVC will also support it financially,as much as we can in given circumstances.” Marcich said.

Rab mayor Nikola Grgurić said to be happy and proud to have Rab as a stage at this challenging time, sending a positive message by organizing RAFF about a better future we all should look towards.

“Three years ago, when talking about launching RAFF in the first place, we said that either it’s going to be the real thing, with the real message, or we’ll just drop the idea. This program presented by Mr. Zuber, the seriousness of HAVC and Mr. Marcich, are actually the guarantees of Rab Film Festival and its mission and vision. I hope we will all enjoy the films and other events on RAFF 2021, in this towns locations, a scenary ideal to promote the art of moving pictures. This will be another beautiful island story we send to the world.”, Grgurić said.

(Text: RAFF // Photo: Hrvoje Hodak – Rab danas )