When life and art intermingle they produce the work which leaves noone untouched. Rab Film Festival brought the very films which deal with life and exploration of what life brings, stories turned to art thru the camera lenses and author’s visions. But, there are things going on that haven’t been filmed yet, which are alredy part of our lives, and we live them fully. Specially those people who are the participants of the events. One of the biggest stories in Croatia this year is the agony of workers in shipyard group “Uljanik”, and companies which are part of it, among them the “3. maj” shipyard in Rijeka.


Igor i Alana Marija Zenko

Igor Zenko is a welder in “3. maj”. Single parent from Rijeka, he goest to work every day, without knowing if it’s the last day of the company, the last day of him having a job, paychecks are late, and wages way too low. Igor chanelled his emotions through art. He turns steel and iron leftovers from the shipyard into – roses. He calls them “ROSES OF BANKRUPTCY”.

When she saw that, his daughter Alana Marija took the paint, and decided to put some colours to the grey of the metal.





„Roses of bankruptcy“  became the symbol of anguish of “3. maj” shipyard workers, who’s future is still uncertain, but also the symbol of a fight for a better future, better tomorrow, with more colours, flowers and laughter.



If you would like to support Igor and Alana Marija, and order and buy your own unique “Rose of bankruptcy” you can contact Igor on Facebook page „Kreativno poduzeće Stečaj d.d.“.

Igor can be reached on a phone number +385 92 24 99 247 .

Rab Film Festival also supports Igor i AlanaMarija.

We will present his “Roses of bankruptcy” to our jury members and selectors.