Stellan Skarsgard, one of the leading actors in “Chernobyl” HBO Adria series participated on RAFF by video-link. Swedish actor, with a long international career, is well known by his roles in “Good Will Hunting” and “Thor”, and also i both “Mamma Mia!” films. During production of the second “Mamma Mia!” on the island of Hvar, he visited Croatia, also Zagreb and Dubrovnik, and said that he regrets he couldn’t come to Rab as well, due to earlier obligations, but hopes it will happen in forthcoming years


Stellan talked to media students, mostly about his part in “Chernobyl”. Skarsgard remembers the time of Chernobyl disaster, when Sweden was among the first countries to report about the higher radiation levels, carried by the winds from Ukraine, and alerted the rest of the world. He said he remebers the concern, because it was very difficult to find out what exacly is going on with the nuclear plant that was devastated. When he got the script and the role in series produced by HBO he was very happy, because the television series nowadays are very high quality, both in content and production. Apart from that, it was a challenge to work on a part of deputy prime minister Boris Scerbina, who was appointed by the than Soviet government headed by Mikhail Gorbachow, to “clean and sanitize” the area hit by the catastrophe. Skarsgard said he hopes to get jobs in such high level production in television and film in the future as well.