//////// Urban & 4

This will be the first visit to Rab for Damir Urban, charismatic artist performing on the music scene for thirty years already. He considers himself unable to write another hit because he can’t transmit the present mindset into music but he already produced a huge number of songs which are incorporated in many of our lives. Some of these are Budi moja voda (Be My Water), Svijet za nas (World for Us), Black Tatoo, Male trube (Little Trumpets), Nebo (Heaven), Astronaut, Priđi mi bliže (Come Closer) and recently Iskra (The Spark), all songs from the top level of Croatian music where Urban and his foursome also belong. In the concerts these songs turn into hymns, sung by the entire audience with Urban in unison. We promise a unique experience to those attending the concert on Saturday, August 24 in the gorgeous ambience of the Rab open-air cinema.